How to go to Bohol via Tubigon

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December 19, 2016 (2:53PM)

Tubigon Plaza at night

Are you in Cebu city aiming to go to Bohol as part of your travel itinerary? Just do it because you’re close! You may travel by boat directly to Tagbilaran pier for at least 2 hours. For more adventurous feet, you can reach Bohol in an hour and few minutes by fast boat routing to Tubigon, a town close to Sagbayan peak and chocolate hills in Carmen.

We spent 6 days in Cebu and we are to visit grandpa in Tubigon, Bohol for Christmas holiday. From Crown Regency Towers, we hailed a taxi to bring us to Pier 3 (Tres) ticketing booth for PHP 82 metered rate. We passed by Heritage Park, one of the many tour destinations in the city.

When we reached Pier 3, we queued at MV Star Crafts ticketing booth to buy our boat tickets. You need to present your ID when buying. “No ID, no ticket.” 

Starting December 21, 2016, there will be a fare price hike for Star Craft vessels. Tourist class accommodation rate becomes PHP 250 while Business class is PHP 300.

Upon terminal entrance, your baggages will be scanned. You have to pay a terminal fee of PHP 25 before you enter the waiting area for your specified departure gate.

Our boat was delayed for almost an hour and there was nothing much to do so I rather write this piece that you are reading now. Good thing there’s a WordPress app for Android! 😄

There is a small playhouse for kids in the waiting area so our son enjoyed playing with some kids.

When in Pier 3, kids get to play for free while waiting.

Our departure schedule was 2pm but we left the port before 3pm. We arrived in Tubigon port at 10 minutes past 4pm.  

Ride a tricycle to the public market (“merkado”, as they call it) for only PHP 8 per head. Inns are available if you are to stay in town. Most people in this town are Catholic and  their local church has been affected by the 2013 earthquake, but while under renovation, they built a new alternate place in front of the old one for their eucharistic celebrations.

Tubigon plaza is a small park in front of the church just right accross the street. This park has the brightest Christmas decor in all Bohol, as grandpa says.

It’s in the news!😄 Click here to watch a short clip from NEWS TV.
If you are headed to Tagbilaran, from the merkado you may hitch a van  going to tagbilaran for PHP 90 but sometimes the drivers will call you out to ride for only 50 pesos. Travel time is approximately an hour. A bus ride is also an affordable option.

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