DIY SportsThemed Birthday Party

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Location: Quezon City, Republic of the Philippines.
Date: April 29, 2015. 2344.
Note: Free downloads at the bottom of page.
My son is turning six this May! It’s not that I would throw a big party for him this year, but instead of taking him to a leisure treat this summer, I decided that I would give him a simple party at our humble abode together with his friends from school and neighboring units from our pad. So basically, I invited all those who know him personally including some people from our church.
While contemplating on the event, I noticed that every time we get invited to birthday parties, it has been either Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, Max’s, Shakey’s or Jollibee store catering the services. I wanted to break the chain of fast food packages and stay away from letting my guests endure same old recurring party programs and games. And for his party this year, it will really be simple but fun and handful crafted with love.
So, as early as February, I picked a theme and started browsing inspirations online on designing card invites and came up with this one:

To save some print out costs, I created a private event in Facebook and looped in parents of his classmates who are currently connected with me thru Facebook. As for me, I thought this is the quickest and most practical way to send the invitation. I uploaded this invitation design as a cover photo of the FB event I created and then I posted maps and directions on the page for guests’ convenience.
My son and I had a lot of bonding moments as I do one craft at a time and I allowed him to help me so that I could impress on him the joy of serving others. 

Do-It-Yourself Birthday Stuffs!!!

The next thing I did was the design I want to see on the table setup. So, from the box of one of his toy robots, I made a letter “J” compensate for the first letter of his name. To make it appear jolly and party-like, I used bright green sticker paper and made some blue stripes. I created these easy-to-make paper lollies and just allowed it to stand on a styro-board (when you buy appliances at home, they are usually packaged and carefully covered with styrofoam, so that’s what I used here.)

For the piñata, I used a balloon to get a ball shape. I cut old newspaper into strips and gently soaked in flour-water mixture and pasted one-by-one into the balloon to cover it. After the first layer, I allowed it to dry overnight and then coated it with a 2nd layer and did the same thing until I end up with 4 layers making the piñata sturdy enough to hold the candies inside it. 

Then I tried making balloon decors but haven’t got the time to complete the setup yet. I haven’t finished everything yet so I will post pictures next time when I blog about this party.
We also enjoyed making some Oreo pops. Please forgive the outcome, I am in a beginner mode at this and I just love the moments I build with my son trying new things like this. 🙂 I didn’t quite do well with the presentation but the taste was great as per my D-group Leader so I trust that comment so much. 😛 Hehe

Free printables/downloads!!!

By the way, I want to share this website with you wherein I downloaded free printables to help me with my event styling. So if you are planning to hold a soccer party, you may want to take advantage of the free downloads on this site. Click here for the link. Have fun and see you next time. Cheerio! 🙂

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