Exploring Burot, Calatagan, Batangas

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Location: Calatagan, Batangas, Republic of the Philippines.

Summer Kick Off.
March was just nearly ending but the summer heat was already on. Thus, we better beat that with some outdoor fun!
The Burot beach
The trip was organized by STOIC Team and we would like to personally thank the whole team for being so welcoming that we were happily invited to be counted in. First beach as a couple? Who would say no to that? Just spell fun and we're ready to go!
Burot is a remote beach, which has already been acquired privately by SM Corporation owner, Henry Sy. It is located along the shores of Calatagan in Batangas, Philippines. It is a famous local beach online being included in one of the unspoiled and affordable getaway beaches in the country.

The Journey.

We were all fourteen in the group (although originally, there was more) and it took us at least four long hours riding a rented jeepney to get to Calatagan, Batangas from Cubao, Quezon City.

Exploring Burot. Beach made meals.

Surprisingly though, the place was already crowded at that time so we pitched our tent afar. It was weekend, so maybe that explains why there was a number of people when we went there. We tidied things up and prepared ourselves to have a pleasant time. 
We harrowed the town's public market to buy some goodies that we can bring along with us to cook on the beach.
We secured our campsite as soon as we arrived, maybe that was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The sun was fierce. There are no fancy hotels nearby. The place hasn't been developed yet. So far, that's the way we expected it as we read some reviews online beforehand.
Touchdown, Burot!

A Day in Paradise.

While most of us were waiting for sunset, some of the members started to cook dinner and the others, enjoyed taking photos and went swimming.

Exploring Burot. Love is.
Love and the sunset

The first day episode was not inspiring as there's a lot of sea hedgehogs and sea grasses along the foreshore which makes it unfit for swimming, especially for kids.

The sunset was fantastic though. We took the opportunity to capture some moments that we surely will remember.  

The night was dark and beautiful in Burot beach. The clear sky was painted with billion stars at that time and the sound of the ocean waves was calming. It was really nice to just relax, sit back for a bit while and watch them twinkle up there while chatting about some of our future plans together. Another reflection to add into our forever and a day.

However, shall you decide to lie comfortably on the semi-fine creamy beach of Burot, think again and watch out for sea snakes may be washed ashore along. We had absolutely no sleep when we joined the trip straight from work that day so that night made us really up for retiring inside our tent before the group finished the socials.

Night Socials

Another Day in Paradise.

Our excitement the next sunrise exalted when everybody was in a cheerful mood to ride on boats to see what wonders around Burot had to offer.

There were three destinations for an offered rate of PhP 120 per pax. The boat captains called it "Island Hopping" (although technically, we didn't really go onto islands). We had to divide our group into two because one boat could not carry us all.

Soon after breakfast, everyone was all set and then off we proceeded to be on the boats. One of the STOIC members decided not to go. He's not really into water fun and also at least there was someone to keep watch over our valuables and our tents.

Our first stop was a fascinating sandbar. The locals call it Bora Island (or Boracay Island). Imagine yourself standing on a bar of white sand with pristine crystal clear waters on it and the sun above is softly smiling warmly to you. The sight was marvelous! Everyone of us was pleased. Another photo ops for us! Jump shots and all! We swam and luckily I brought my goggles to effortlessly see underwater.
The sandbar

We didn't want to leave yet but the captains said we have to go to the other side... that's where we saw lots of Spongebob's best friend's natives. You will find starfish all over the place. The water was also shallow but not as clear as that on our first stop. 
And there's a lot of 'em under our boat! 😛
Where's Patrick Star?
The last stop was also wonderful spot as we splashed around clean waters of great depth. It's always captivating to see the amazing greenish blue color of the sea. There was no fascinating marine life under the Burot sea though as compared to other distinguished seas but we surely enjoyed establishing good laughs and memories to cherish with the STOIC members whom we shared our boat with.
That second day was nevertheless fun, however, we only basked in it for few minutes and then the water fun was over. Bitin!
The Burot Landscape View

The Facilities Review.

There are very limited number of restrooms and showers available at Burot. We were always waiting on a very long queue before we could wash ourselves clean. We paid an overnight entrance fee of PhP 150.00 per pax, a bit unreasonably high considering the current condition of their facilities around.

We certainly hope that the management considers this as a room for improvement along its development. Aside from the fact that they're very limited in number, the toilets were clogged and the water running along the pipeline seemed to still have tiny bits of sand with it. Overall unsanitary, so we are not recommending this place to very diligent and meticulous people. 
Exploring Burot. Clear waters of Burot's sandbar.
However, thumbs up for your natural sand bar spot, Burot! 

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