Davao Adventure: Eden’s Skycycle!

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Location: Toril District, Davao City, Republic of the Philippines.

Are you afraid of heights? Well, this might not be for you, but if you are someone who's up for the challenge, be ready to face your fear and pedal your way through the sky. Try Davao's adventure skycycle ride in Eden Nature Park!

Zip Lines

How would it look like if zip lines are one of the transportation means here in the Philippines? I surely remember that this thought crossed my mind when we were in a zip line in Loboc, Bohol. It's a bit funny idea, besides, impossible and not very convenient because there is preponderance of rainy days in the PH territory. However, it is evident that our government has to exert more efforts in order to resolve traffic issues within the busy cities of the country.
Bohol Zipline
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Hi! Are you from here? (Zipline at Loboc Eco-Adventure Park; Length: 520m Height: 120m)

The very first zip line experience I had was from Subic's Treetop Adventure. It was an ultimate fun face-off in the wild soaring from tree to tree while securely suspended face down and feet up, that was a fantastic superman ride! It has left me so much thrilling memories that I really wanted to do it again and again. Seeing the unspoiled rainforest as a backdrop was a plus.

Longest Zip Line

The longest zip line in Asia can be found in Davao. However, we were not able to go there due to our tour time constraints. So maybe, we'll try it on our next visit. During our time in Eden Nature Park Davao, we were too excited to ask where they do their famous Skycycle ride. Since we are thrill seekers, and the weather was good, we were able to drive mountain bikes on a cable line 60-feet high above the ground.

davao eden nature park
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Eden Nature Park Entrance

Experience the thrill

My hands literally felt frozen when I was at the midpoint of the suspended cable path, but I was able to stay in-focus to keep myself pedaling through the end of the line. It was a success indeed but that was just one way, which means we had to pedal back to complete the two-way trip. The problem is I don't feel like going back to the starting point. For me, it was really nerve cracking. Alvin also had the goose bumps but we had no choice but to cycle back. Unless we want to walk our way down through the 60-feet stairs and then get ourselves lost to an unfamiliar trail in the forest just to find our way back to the entrance gate. It took me a couple of minutes to get convinced. Then we went through. And that was absolutely fun!

davao eden nature park sky cycle
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Overcome your fear! Slow down and enjoy the journey.


You don't really have to balance when you ride on it. Just sit on the bike because it's already balanced by an attached fine pole which connects it to another secured line on top. All you have to do is relax. Just sit securely on the bike seat, hold on to the handle bars with the brake lever pressed (this makes the bike stay still while you're getting yourself ready for the ride), release the brake lever when you're ready to go,  keep pedaling and make sure to brake upon reaching the halt post. The more you try to haughtily balance, the more tension may have, the more you may worry, thus, the more you'll miss the fun.

Skycycle is the newest adventure ride in Eden Nature Park, located in Toril District, Davao City. Here are the current rates and operating hours:

Adult/child: PHP 200.00
Combo with Skyrider PHP 300.00

Operating hours
Mon to Thurs: 1pm to 4pm
Fri to Sun: 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm

davao eden nature park rope gliding
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Rope Gliding

We also enjoyed rope gliding at Indiana Jones. It's located near the huge obstacle course and those who are not yet ready for the zip line will surely revel in this part of the park.

davao eden nature park rope gliding
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davao eden nature park rope gliding
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So there you have it! If you're into an amazing fun, try something different! Something new to you. Something that will help you cross that border between fear and excitement. It's definitely worth remembering! =)

Have you tried #skycycling? For more details and inquiries, please leave your comment below. Enjoy your life to its fullest!

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