A Fantasy Tale In Everland

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Everland or Busan?

Last February, just this year, during our trip to South Korea, we faced this question as we ran out of time catching up on winter. It's either we go to a "Train to Busan" adventure (like in the movie minus the zombies ^_^) or to stay in Seoul and enjoy more of our winter fantasy in Everland.

Everland is the largest themed park in South Korea, located in Yongin, in the province of Gyeonggi. It has five adventure zones and I guess one day is not enough for you to enjoy everything these zones have to offer.

The Five Zones in Everland

As a poor girl in the Philippines, a taste of Europe is heaven. Since Seoul offers a European vibe through Everland, Petite France, and Nami Island, well, we don't have to go to the west which is so far away from us not to mention, expensive.

We only had a day to spend in Everland, so as we dreamt of, we chose the European adventure and Zootopia for that Safari wonder. Discover Everland's complete list of attractions here.

Ditching Busan

We had to give up going to Busan this time thinking Haeundae Beach would be just as cold and we would be freezing swimming on the beach. (Laughs!) Not a good sight to imagine! We decided to spend the rest of our holiday trip within Seoul. Besides, my boys seriously wanted to try the Snow Buster ride so Everland wins.

Dropping our AirBnB reservation was a bit of heartbreak for us. Good thing, our Korean host in Busan is very kind and understanding. He lived in the Philippines for 10 years so we really planned on meeting him to make friends with and connect but I think it wasn't the right time yet. We are very pleased he gave us a refund. We'll still book with him when we go to Busan some other season. God is good all the time. People like him make us want to praise God more and more.

Follow your heart.

One of my colleagues convinced us not to go to Everland and go to Lotte World instead. "Everland is an open area and it would not be very nice during winter," he said. In my mind, I was like, "Ok I am not paying for ice inside a mall like the ones we have in the Philippines." Cut the story short, we didn't listen. We just followed our heart. We can go to Lotte World some other time. And it was a good thing!

It was super nice and perfect, for us. Everland has fun activities ideally crafted for the season. There was not much icy land in the city but we're very satisfied to have played in Everland. It felt like I was young again! 😀

Yes, it was winter and we enjoyed staying in Seoul so much. In fact, winter was the reason why we're there in the first place. [I hope you don't find this weird because back at our home country, we don't have this kind of climate. It's kind of like how Olaf feels when he wishes to experience summer in the famous Frozen movie. 😛]

Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul

First Timer's Delight

During our stay, winter was almost out. However, it was still a struggle for us whenever we went out our hostel. As for me, I was already wearing 2 pairs of hand gloves and my hands were still freezing. Good thing we got FREE hot packs from the Everland Discount Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package we found online via TRAZY. This included 1 Day Pass and round-trip transportation.

The package was convenient especially we have a kid with us. Although the bus didn’t really take off from Everland on schedule (exactly 6:30 pm). We came back at the bus too early to find out there was a delay of a few minutes waiting for others. But that was okay to consider others who were late. Overall it was very good since we didn’t need to transfer and walk therefore saving our energy for the themed park itself. The discounted rate for foreigners was really good. We praise God we found Trazy online where we booked our tickets. The free hand warmers are really very helpful during our winter trip.

Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul

Any Regrets?

The experience was fun. If there's a regret, it would be that we didn't choose to stay longer in Everland as we had to catch our bus shuttle. We headed back to the station at 6 pm. On our way back to the entrance/exit gates, some of the lights are already on and we believe the place would also be such a romantic place at night with the lights on plus the fireworks display.

Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Everland, Seoul
Here's what I got when I interviewed my 7-yr. old son about his Everland experience. I'm publishing it here because I find it funny as he recalls his disgust of the rotating house. 😛

Me: How do you feel about Everland?

Jdn: Everland is fun. I enjoyed playing on ice and riding on the Snow Buster. I enjoyed riding on the virtual roller-coaster and the swimming pool slide.

Me: What else did you enjoy?

Jdn: I enjoyed the animals, and I like it because it was cold and riding on the cable car was cool, too.

Me: Do you have any regrets? 😉

Jdn: Oh, no! I regret entering the Rotating House. I don't wanna go back there! Statues inside (the house) are scary that I thought they would fly around us and then eat us.

Me: So you don't want to go back in Everland?

Jdn: We'll go back but please let's not go to the Rotating House ever! (freakin' out)

Me: (Laughs) Ok ,fine! haha you're so adorable!

Dreams Do Come True!

Spending quality time with family is one of the bonuses we get from our meaningful relationship with God. What a dream come true also to slide on ice and enjoy His creation. I am very grateful for the experience and I am bringing back the glory to the Lord.

Living in a memory of that, as we explored the grand area, walking from one zone to another, my heart just melts seeing my boys happy and it makes me feel so young at heart too.

I close this blog with the Everland theme song playing back on and on at the back of my mind while reminiscing the memories.

♫Stories from our dreams come true

♫Stars from the sky will sing for you

♫Take my hand and we will go into the fantasy!...

♫Make a wish and you're there, everyday is a holiday

Here's our video for Everland in case you would like to take a peak of what's inside. See you next time! 😉 Enjoy life to its fullest!

9 thoughts on “A Fantasy Tale In Everland

  • Oh Everland! I’ve been there 3 years ago, I agree, a day won’t be enough. Did you experience the park rides there? I’m sure you did have a great time. I would love to explore more about SK in the future, and next time, we will visit the Lotte World.

    • Hi Gracie, thanks for dropping a message! We tried just a few. We spent a lot of our time on their snow buster area, that’s what we don’t have here in the Philippines. If God permits, we’ll love to see more of SK in the future too including Lotte World! ^_^

  • I love this post! I have always wanted to go to South Korea, but the price of the flight from where I live is waaay too much for me right now! It looks like you had such a great time!

  • I don’t know why, but I’ve never really thought about other countries having theme parks [besides Disney World]. Roller coasters really aren’t my thing, so I guess I don’t really think about visiting amusement parks that much. But Everland seems like a place that I would enjoy immensely! I love how the sections are spilt up. I think I would enjoy each part, but if I had to choose, I’d definitely like to go to European Adventure & Zootopia. I’d also like to see American Adventure, just to see what they believe an American adventure is like. I’m glad you had a great time!!

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